September 21st, 2011Winter Wipeout!

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Is it winter already? It soon will be on Total Wipeout!

The brand new Series introduces a brand-new snow-covered course, with winter-themed obstacles and seasonal challenges. Contestants must manoeuvre their way past ‘Granny’s House’ watching out for the angry dog nipping at their ankles and a front door guaranteed to smack them in the face.

Next they have to cling on to the ‘Ski Lift’ to avoid plummeting into the icy waters below and if lucky enough to make it to the all new Wipeout Zone, face being catapulted onto the course before climbing the very troublesome ‘Stairway from Hell’.

But of course, the Big Red Balls are back, albeit with a conveyor belt propelling the contestants into the air above the balls!

There will be 12 wonderfully wintery shows hosted by Richard Hammond, providing his witty and gently mocking commentary from the safety of the studio, as Amanda Byram braves the cold joining the contestants’ course side.

The new Series will include two celebrity specials, plus a Winter Wipeout final at the Series’ climax.

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